GROS Rootgrowth for better grafting and rooting of trees and bushes.

GROS Rootgrowth - stimulator of the growth of the root system of plants due to the content of phosphorus in the form of phosphite and phytohormones.

Intermediate results of using POLYACTIV N-BOOST on winter wheat

At the beginning of April, POLYACTIV N-BOOST was used together with KAS-32 at the "Green Barvinok" farm in the Kirovohrad region

Sowing season is in full swing!

Corn was sown with starter fertilizer MULTISTART Corn and our novelties POLYACTIVE MULTI-BOOST-S and POLYACTIV N-BOOST.

Congratulations on the Easter holiday!

We wish the Easter holiday to bring light to your homes, joy, comfort and peace!

Spring weather is one of the most unpredictable factors.

Due to unstable weather conditions, fungal diseases are observed in winter rapeseed crops.

Comparison of the condition of winter wheat on different predecessors.

ECOLINE Phosphite (K) - an innovative fertilizer with fungicidal properties to increase the resistance of plants to pathogens of fungal diseases, increase the growth of the root system and increase the content of spare parts.

New product from ECOORGANICS! ANTISTRESSANT with increased content of biologically active substances.

It is intended for the normalization of metabolic processes in plants and protection against the negative effects of stress factors of various nature.

OTP Bank offers agricultural loans under the partnership program with "ECOORGANIC"

From now on, clients can receive targeted financing in hryvnias for the purchase of micro fertilizers even from the Scientific and Production Company"ECOORGANIC".

How to distinguish phosphite from phosphate?

What reactions occurred - you can see on the video.

Visiting one of the largest agricultural exhibitions in the USA, Commodity Classic 2023

➡️ We continue to study agricultural innovations and technologies.

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