Efficiency Thanks to the use of the most effective components, Ecoorganic products are easily and quickly absorbed by plants. Innovation The company's specialists have developed unique innovative products that meet all the most up-to-date market demands. Power The modernization of the company made it possible to increase the production capacity by 50%. Support Ecology In production, particular attention is paid to the environmental and safety of its products. Technologicality Using the best raw materials and high-tech production allowed us to create multifunctional company products. Qualification For best results, tests are conducted, and each product has a number of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience. Quality High quality products, thanks to the use of raw materials of world famous brands and perfect technology.

Research-and- production enterprise "Ecoorganic"

About company Scientific - production company "Ecoorganic" specializes in the production of goods for agriculture. Special fertilizers for foliar feeding of plants are the main products of the company today. Scientific research, the introduction of innovative and high- performance products in the agricultural sector are the company's priorities.

The company started its activity in 2011. In the course of the company's activities, research was conducted with the participation of well-known research centers of Europe, as well as leading scientists of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences (NAS and NAAS) of Ukraine. The result of this cooperation was the line of microfertilizers with chelated microelements in a biologically active form for pre - sowing processing of seeds and extra-root feeding of plants. In 2015, the Ukrainian farmer will be offered his own line of microfertilizer under the trade name "ECOLINE", which includes 39 brands of microfertilizers adapted for the needs of Ukrainian crop production technologies. In 2017, the Ukrainian market is represented by 8 products of the premium line of fertilizers with phytohormones and amino acids under the trade name "GROS".

Our production

Currently the production complex of enterprise is a modern plant, at which we, through complex chemical processes, produce special fertilizers.
The production process is conducted on the modern European equipped and is fully automated, control of which is carried out by qualified specialists. A modern bottling line of products can meet all requirements for packaging fertilizers from 1 to 1000 liters.

There is a Quality Management System on the plant which ensures production of high quality and stability.
The complex of measures:

  • Careful selection of raw materials and quality control for production;
  • Research and testing;
  • Constant technical control at all stages of production guarantees a product that fully meets the technical requirements.

The company has the ability to ensure an uninterrupted supply of high-quality products due to its own vehicles, highly efficient production and an extensive logistics system.


"Ecoorganic" does not stop at the achieved results. The company has established agrochemical research department, the tasks of which is to search for innovative solutions in agricultural chemistry, the development of innovative products and their introduction into production.

Facilities of own laboratory and highly qualified specialists, scientific and technological support of our European partners to make it possible to offer innovative products that will enable farmers to have more opportunities for getting better harvest.

Our relationship with partners and customers based on honesty, trust and professionalism, and are aimed at a long mutually beneficial cooperation.

The dynamics of product assortment growth

Dynamics of Distribution Network Development

Сongratulations to you with the Independence Day of Ukraine!
Dear friends! Congratulations from the company "EKORGANIK". Congratulations to you with the Independence Day of Ukraine! The key to state-building success is civil solidarity, high responsibility for the task entrusted, in the unifi
The company "Ekoorganik" took part in the jubilee XXX International Agro-Industrial Exhibition AGRO-2018, which took place June 6-9 in Kyiv, on the territory of the "Expocenter of Ukraine".
Participation of "ECOORGANIC" in «AGRO-2018»
"ECOORGANIC" sincerely invites you to visit our booth No. 43 in pavilion №2 at the XXX International Agroindustrial exhibition «AGRO-2018».
Seminar in LLC «Smacom»..
The company "Ecoorganic" continues the cycle of preparatory seminars for the season of 2018. Presentations of innovative products and new systems of foliar nutrition are held in all corners of Ukraine.
The second foliar application of sunflowers is the basis of high yields.
Balanced mineral nutrition, combined with integrated plant protection, can provide a fuller use of the genetic potential of grown hybrids, and thus obtain a higher yield of good quality. The period from the formation of 6 to 8 pairs of leav
Indigenous corn rejuvenation from the phase of 6 to 8 leaves until thawing.
Corn belongs to the most productive crops of modern agriculture. To produce a high yield, a culture needs balanced nutrition. The priority element of mineral nutrition for a culture is nitrogen. Corn is used quite effectively by the effec
Feeding of sunflower into a phase of 3 - 5 pairs of leaves
There are several critical phases in the development of sunflower, one of them is 3 - 5 pairs of leaves. On different types of soils, plants may lack the individual elements of mineral nutrition.
The first foliar feeding of corn
Corn is one of the most productive crops in modern agricultural production. Formation of the main productivity elements of corn plants there is in a phase of 4-6 leaves that occurs at the beginning - mid of May. Unfortunately