Efficiency Thanks to the use of the most effective components, Ecoorganic fertilizers are easily and quickly absorbed by plants. Innovation The company's specialists have developed unique innovative products that meet all the most up-to-date market demands. Capacities The modernization of the company made it possible to increase the production capacity by 50%. Support Ecology In the course of production, particular attention is paid to the environmental friendliness and safety of the products. Applicability The best raw materials and highly technological production facilities allowed to create multifunctional products. Qualification For achieving the best results, all the products are tested and supported by a number of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience. Quality High quality products, thanks to the use of raw materials of the well-known global companies and perfect technology.

Research and production enterprise Ecoorganic

Scientific and production company Ecoorganic specializes in the production of goods for agriculture. Special fertilizers for foliar nurtition of plants are the main products of the company today. Scientific research, the introduction of innovative and highly effective products for the agricultural sector are the company's priorities.

The company started its activity in 2011. All the R&D activities were conducted with the participation of well-known European research centers, as well as the leading scientists of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAS and NAAS) of Ukraine. The result of this cooperation was the first line of special fertilizers containing chelated microelements in a biologically active form for pre-sowing seed treatment and foliar nutrition. In 2015 Ukrainian farmers were offered the first line of microfertilizers under the trade name "ECOLINE", which included 39 products adapted to the needs of Ukrainian crop production technologies. In 2017, a new line of 8 premium fertilizers with phytohormones and amino acids was introduced under the trade name "GROS".

Our production

Currently the production facility of the enterprise is a modern plant, at which we, through complex chemical processes, produce special fertilizers.

The production process is conducted on the modern European equipment, it is fully automated and controlled by the qualified specialists. The modern bottling line is suitable for packaging fertilizers from 1 to 1000 liters.

The Quality Management System is implemented at the plant ensuring production of fertilizers of high quality and stability.

The complex of implemented measures includes:

  • Careful selection of raw materials and quality control;
  • Development trials of the products;
  • Permanent technical control at all stages of production which guarantees that the products fully meet the technical requirements.

The company ensures quick supply of the products thanks to its own transportation vehicles, highly efficient production and an extensive logistics system.


Ecoorganic does not stop at the achieved results. The company has established an agrochemical research department, the task of which is to search for innovative solutions in agricultural chemistry, to develop new innovative products and bring them into production.

Facilities of the company's laboratory and highly qualified specialists, scientific and technological support of our European partners made it possible to offer innovative products that enable farmers to get higher yields.

Our relationship with partners and customers are based on honesty, trust and professionalism, aiming at long and mutually beneficial cooperation.

We are glad to invite you and the specialists of your farm to the field seminar "MODERN TECHNOLOGIESMASTERS FOR PROGRESSIVE" which will take place on July 27. on the basis of LLC "Favorit-Agro" in the village. Kalynivka, Koretskyi distric
Happy Easter! Happy Easter!
Happy Easter! We wish you a lot of happy and joyful moments together with your family and friends!
ECOORGANIC introduces two more products into the line of car screen washes, for the summer season: SUMMER Bubble Gum, SUMMER Grapes "Anti-Insect"
Special offer! GROS Quitselium 2+1
In the period from April 7 to June 30, 2021, buying two units of GROS Quitselium in any kind of packaging, you get the third unit of this fertilizer for free! *
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The season of 2021 did not start very well for melons due to lack of heat and heavy rains. Some areas under watermelons and melons had to be replanted. Now, in order to catch up and protect plants from the most harmful pests
The main oil crop of our country is relatively resistant to weather conditions and always forms at least a minimal yield. However, to achieve three tons or more of seeds per hectare, all elements of the technology should be followed
Mid-May till late July is the period when plant stresses are most common in Ukraine. The nature of stress is different, but its impact on the plants is decrease of yield and yield quality. The stress "pit" can last up to 14 days
Nitrogen plays a leading role in the formation of yield of all crops, and therefore the provision of this element is the most important component of technology. The column of air, which is located above one hectare of surface, contains 80 th