Happy New Year 2021 and Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year 2021 and Merry Christmas!

We sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday - the Day of the agricultural worker!

Dear colleagues! We sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday - the Day of the agricultural worker!

"Еcoorganic" autumn experiments 2020

Climatic conditions of the south of Ukraine allow to grow potatoes for the second yield, planting it after harvesting of winter cereals.

Аutumn experiments of "Ecoorganic"

This year we have set up a number of trials on “second-harvest” crops like sunflower, millet and potatoes. We are testing the effectiveness of anti-stress fertilizers (ECOLINE Phosphite (K-Amino) and GROS Amino-Zn) against

Nutrition of fruits and berries after harvesting

In order to get a high yield of fruit and berry crops every year, plants should be provided with the optimal level of macro- and microelements throughout the growing season.


The result of seed treatment with special fertilizers is difficult to compare with any foliar treatment of vegetating plants. Such supply of nutrients


Autumn foliar fertilization of winter oilseed rape is required for the formation of a strong root system, accumulation of sugars for successful overwintering and optimization of mineral nutrition conditions at the beginning

Effective "ECOORGANIC" fertilizers for winter cereal seed treatment

Before the season of winter cereals sowing, we draw your attention to the importance of treating the seeds with special fertilizers. This technological practice provides the plant with the most important macro- and microelements

​​​​​​​Autumn reserves to increase the yield of winter cereals

Pre-sowing seed treatment is the first stage of work aimed at increasing yields, as well as agronomic techniques, which provide the young plant with everything it needs in conditions of unfavorable temperature and humidity.

Nutrition of kernel fruits in the second half of the growing season

July in the agro-climatic conditions of our country is an important period in the formation of the fruit yield of the current year and fruit buds of next year's harvest.

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