Corn is one of the most productive crops in Ukraine's agriculture.  To produce a high yield, it requires balanced nutrition throughout the growing season. It is necessary to start with the main fertilizer, carefully select starter ferti

Feeding sunflower in the phase of 3 - 5 pairs of leaves.

Sunflower is one of the most profitable crops that should not be neglected when growing foliar fertilization.

Foliar feeding of winter cereals during the earing period.

Creating conditions for balanced nutrition of plants with macro and microelements will be an additional factor in increasing the yield and improving it is quality indicators.

Fertilization of winter cereals in the tube phase.

In particular, balanced nutrition with other elements, including manganese, magnesium, sulfur, and copper, is required for full assimilation of nitrogen, and phosphorus in the form of phosphite.

Nitrogen is one of the most important elements of plant mineral nutrition.

Nitrogen can enter the soil from the atmosphere - during thunderstorms, due to nitrogen fixation by microorganisms and the application of nitrogen-containing fertilizers.


The microclimate under agrofibre promotes more intensive plant growth, and accordingly increases the need for nutrients.

Winter rape is demanding in terms of nutrition, it is important to provide it with the necessary elements at different stages of growth.

Correct development, in particular the formation of the stem, root system and ensuring resistance to stressful conditions, depends on the presence of all necessary macro- and microelements.

The condition of winter cereals in the spring of 2023 is mostly good and satisfactory.

With unstable weather, which is observed in March of this year and, possibly, in the first ten days of April, plants can be under stressful conditions due to the inability to absorb phosphorus in sufficient quantities from cold soil.

Pre-sowing treatment of spring cereal with special fertilizers.

High prices for fertilizers and pesticides in the spring will be a serious limiting factor, and therefore the use of all possible means of increasing the yield is more relevant than ever.

FITOSTART AND MULTISTART - a balanced and powerful start for plants.

Liquid starter fertilizers produced by "ECOORGANIC" LLC fully meet the needs of plants during the formation and development of the root system at the initial stages of growth. The ratio of key elements N : P = 1:3 is a generally accepted opti

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