Foliar nutrition of soybeans in the 1st decade of June 2019

Specific weather conditions in May and early June caused some corrections of the system of soybean nutrition. Despite sufficient moisture supply, most areas of this crop are lagging in growth due to lack of active temperatures, flooding

Sunflower foliar nutrition in the period from 6-8 pairs of leaves till green star phase

Balanced mineral nutrition combined with integrated plant protection can provide a more complete use of genetic hybrids potential, and thus, help to achieve higher yields of good quality. The period from 6 to 8 pairs of leaves formation i


Corn is one of the most productive crops of modern agriculture. According to statistical data corn production in Ukraine has tripled during last 10 years.

Extra root feeding of sugar beet

The most crucial period in sugar beet for laying a high level of yield is the first few weeks after germination. This stage is critical for the development of the root system and maintaining the health of the conductive beams.

Onion Fertilization Recommendations

One of biological peculiarities of onion is its ability to stop leaf growth and terminate onion bulb development under unfavorable conditions (like low precipitation level, lack of nutrition elements in the soil or too compact soil).


Fruit orchards, due to their specificity, are very demanding for the conditions of mineral nutrition. Weather conditions of spring 2019 were generally favorable for fruit trees as there was no frost during flowering, however, after a re

Mineral nutrition Sunflower

Sunflower, the main oilseed crop in Ukraine, takes up large areas of sowing in the Steppe, forest-steppe, and in recent years it has been grown even in Polissya. Culture is demanding to the conditions of mineral nutrition, and therefore it

The first foliar feed of corn for the phase of 4-6 leaves.

Phase 4 - 6 leaves, which falls at the beginning - in the middle of May, is one of the most important in terms of the formation of the main elements of the productivity of a corn plant. Among all the necessary elements of mineral nutrition or not

Feeding winter rape at the beginning of the phase. Stalking.

Winter rape in the spring, with the onset of heat, actively forms the vegetative mass of plants, and at the same time the generative organs responsible for the formation of a future crop of seeds with high quality indicators.

Pre-sowing treatment of seeds of spring wheat grains from LLC "ECOORGANIC".

Pre-sowing treatment of seeds with special compositions is an effective measure that provides increased field similarity, active growth and development of plants in the early stages of organogenesis. Due to such processing

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