Foliar feeding of soybeans in the second half of the growing season

The fullness of the beans, and hence the yield of soybeans, depends on the completeness of pollination of flowers. Therefore, at the beginning of budding it is recommended to fertilize plants with boron

​​​​​​​Foliar nutrition of cucumbers

Cucumbers are a favorite vegetable that grows well in all soil and climatic zones under the conditions of the proper cultivation technology. To obtain a high yield, it is necessary to apply appropriate amounts of organic and mineral


Sugar beet is a crop that has been cultivated for only two centuries. However, thanks to the success of breeders, it has a high potential of productivity and therefore requires intensive cultivation technologies. Fertilization

Foliar nutrition of sunflower in 2022 in the period from 6-8 pairs of leaves till the "star" phase

Phase 6 - 8 pairs of leaves is extremely important in the ontogenesis of sunflower. At this time the basket is actively forming which is the main element of the crop productivity.

Foliar nutrition of hops with ECOORGANIC fertilizers

Hops is a specific crop, because it grows for many years in one place. This can lead to a deficiency of certain nutrients.

The first foliar nutrition of soybeans

Soybean yields depend on a balanced mineral nutrition and reliable protection against weeds and diseases. We remind you about the use of special fertilizers in the technology of growing of this important crop.

Foliar nutrition of winter cereals at the beginning of the earing phase

The formation of the flag leaf till the beginning of earing is one of the most important stages in the formation yield of cereals. In fact, this is the period of protection of the yield quality.

Foliar nutrition of sunflower in the phase of 3 - 5 pairs of leaves

Given the sharp price increase of mineral fertilizers in 2022, the possibility to apply estimated doses of fertilizers for the planned harvest is extremely limited.

Enhancement of nitrogen fixation by pea plants

Peas is a valuable food crop. It contains easily digestible proteins and is used in many dishes. Unlike other legumes, it does not contain ingredients that are harmful to human health. In times of war, it can be, to some extent, a cheap substi

The first foliar nutrition of corn 2022

Corn is able to form a significant yield of grain and by-products, the incorporation of which into the soil can improve the balance of organic matter - one of the most important indicators of its fertility.

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