The increase in the demand for grain of this crop in the world market stimulates interest in natu growing and domestic agricultural producers, which are not stopped by a fairly high price for seeds, and not fully exploited cultivation tech

The second foliar application of sunflowers is the basis of high yields.

Balanced mineral nutrition, combined with integrated plant protection, can provide a fuller use of the genetic potential of grown hybrids, and thus obtain a higher yield of good quality. The period from the formation of 6 to 8 pairs of leav

Indigenous corn rejuvenation from the phase of 6 to 8 leaves until thawing.

Corn belongs to the most productive crops of modern agriculture. To produce a high yield, a culture needs balanced nutrition. The priority element of mineral nutrition for a culture is nitrogen. Corn is used quite effectively by the effec

Feeding of sunflower into a phase of 3 - 5 pairs of leaves

There are several critical phases in the development of sunflower, one of them is 3 - 5 pairs of leaves. On different types of soils, plants may lack the individual elements of mineral nutrition.

The first foliar feeding of corn

Corn is one of the most productive crops in modern agricultural production. Formation of the main productivity elements of corn plants there is in a phase of 4-6 leaves that occurs at the beginning - mid of May. Unfortunately

Results of use of fertilizers on sunflower in 2017..

Results of use of fertilizers by LLC ECOORGANIC in 2017. Demopolygon LLC PIONEER OF SUSPENSION UKRAINE, village Msanets, Terebovlya district, Ternopil region, on sunflower (article from the bulletin Agronomics)

Results of fertilizer use in corn in 2017

Results of use of fertilizers by LLC ECOORGANIC in 2017. Demopolygon LLC PIONEER SEEDS UKRAINE, village Msanets, Terebovlya district Ternopil region on corn (article from the bulletin Agronomics Science)

Microfertilizer Ecoline in the system of pre-planting of seeds of spring cereal crops

Vari grain crops - wheat, barley, oats occupy smaller crops than winter, but this does not make them less important in the agriculture of our country.

Care of problem crops of winter cereals in the spring of 2017

The period, from the beginning of the restoration of the spring vegetation of winter cereals to the outlet, is sufficiently critical and has a significant impact on the yield of these crops.

Anthropogenic seasoning of grain cereal crops in the spring

The purpose of spring frost nutrition of winter wheat is to ensure balanced mineral nutrition of plants during the spring-summer period of vegetation. Especially important is to prevent the manifestation

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