Nutrition of fruits and berries after harvesting


Perennial plantations require a particularly careful approach to the system of mineral nutrition with macro- and microelements throughout the growing season. This is due to the specifics of the uptake of nutrients from the soil, and phytosanitary conditions that are formed in the gardens.

Climate change and possibly non-compliance with quarantine measures have led to a significant spread and increase in the harmfulness of certain diseases. In the system of preventive measures against, in particular, moniliosis, gardeners fertilize the trees with chelated nutrients and phosphorus in the form of phosphite. Such foliar fertilization is practiced at the end of the growing season - after harvest.

Why do this? - Fruit and berry crops begin to form next year's yield in the second half of the growing season, when laying the fruit buds. Therefore, after the harvest, it is recommended to make preventive treatment of trees and shrubs against diseases and fertilization with the key elements of mineral nutrition, which are needed both this year and after the spring restoration of vegetation:

- COPPER containing products are most often used for this purpose, if the content of this element in the soil does not exceed the permissible concentrations.

- In case of a sufficient content of copper in the soil, for disease prevention, special fertilizers with PHOSPHORUS IN THE FORM OF PHOSPHITE in high doses are used. Such fertilizers are especially popular in Europe - their effectiveness has been proven in practice in hot climates of Spain, Italy and in temperate countries (like Germany, Poland, the Baltic countries).

- Adequate BORN NUTRITION of plants in autumn provides the accumulation of plastic substances (a significant percentage of which are sugars), which improves frost resistance, including resistance to spring frosts and promotes normal development of the future flowers.

Taking into account the experience of fruits and berries nutrition in Ukraine and in the other countries, ECOORGANIC recommends the following tank mixes for autumn application:

- in case of insufficient copper content: ECOLINE Copper (Chelate) 2.0 - 3.0 l / ha + ECOLINE Boron (Organic) 1.0 l / ha;

- in case of sufficient copper content: ECOLINE Phosphite (K) 2.0 - 4.0 l / ha + ECOLINE Boron (Organic) 1.0 l / ha.


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