Microfertilizers: common questions and mistakes in selection

The growing demands from the part of high-performance cultures, which grown on intensive technology, farming on soils with a low content of trace elements, more intensive use of high-quality

Winter 2016. Stimulate the development of the root system and increase the immunity of grain crops.

The period of renewal of spring vegetation of winter cereals is extremely important in the ontogenesis of this group of plants. Depending on how successful the plants have undergone the period of winter tranquility

Technology of brewing barley

Grain of brewer's barley of the necessary quality can be obtained only if the whole complex of scientifically grounded technological measures of cultivation is taken into account taking into account zonal soil-climatic features,

Use of CZR and microfertilizers in corn cultivation

Among the crops of modern agriculture corn occupies one of the leading positions. The success of the breeders and the perfect cultivating technology are able to bring the yield of this crop to a fantastic yet

Efficiency of application of microfertilizers. Environmentally safe products

In our time, one of the most important factors in increasing the yield and quality of products in the application of intensive technologies are trace elements due to the increase in their withdrawal by harvest, and the lack of organic ferti

How to increase soil fertility. Effective microfertilizers

The name of the soil often corresponds to its color. For example, black earths have almost black color. Chernozems formed in the steppes, where there are many herbaceous plants.

Trace elements and their role in modern agriculture

Trace elements are chemical elements, which are necessary for normal functioning of living organisms (plants, animals and people) and used by them in micro quantities compared with other mineral elements.

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