The main oil crop of our country is relatively resistant to weather conditions and always forms at least a minimal yield. However, to achieve three tons or more of seeds per hectare, all elements of the technology should be followed, including foliar nutrition.

Weather conditions in 2021 were not the most favorable for the first period of sunflower vegetation due to insufficient heat, which delayed plant development. The sharp rise in temperatures in the second half of June not only significantly accelerated plant growth, but also in most cases caused temperature stress to all field crops without exception. Such weather conditions have greatly contributed to the spread of diseases, the detrimental effects of which can lead to lower yields and yield quality.

Is it possible to resist the stress of plants and reduce the harmfulness of diseases of leaves, stems, flowers, root system? - to a large extent, yes. To do this, first of all, it is important to ensure adequate nutrition of plants with boron. Depending on the conditions of a particular field, you can use one of the boron fertilizers "ECOORGANIC": ECOLINE Boron (Organic) 1.0 l / ha, ECOLINE Boron (Premium) 1.0 l / ha or ECOLINE Pine (Opti) 1.0 - 1.5 l / ha, which in addition to boron contains zinc in the form of chelate and molybdenum.

In addition, we recommend in the period from the star phase to the beginning of flowering to apply in a tank mixture with fungicides GROS Amino-Zn 1.0 l / ha to reduce the negative effects of temperature stress. This composition showed excellent results on sunflower last season as an anti-stress agent.

Under certain conditions, sunflower may need molybdenum fertilization:

One of such cases is when the crop is fertilized only with nitrogen, and for better absorption of nitrogen from fertilizers it is desirable to provide sufficient molybdenum. The second is the expansion of the area of ​​sunflower cultivation to non-traditional areas for this crop, in particular Polissia, where the soils are acidic and molybdenum is in a form inaccessible to plants. In such cases, it is recommended to add ECOLINE Molybdenum (Complex) 1.0 l / ha to the tank mix.

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