Planning of next year's harvest of winter cereals begins with seed selection. This group of crops often has the hardest time withstanding weather, pest and disease pressures. Therefore, it is important not only to choose the optimal variety (or even hybrid), but also to provide reliable technological support in the period from seed germination to the beginning of spring vegetation. In this system, not the last place belongs to the pre-sowing treatment of seeds with compositions containing nutrients and growth stimulants. This technology provides the plant with the most necessary biologically active substances in the period from germination to the transition to nutrition from its own root system, and also activates physiological processes in the young plant, which significantly helps to tolerate adverse weather conditions and maintain yield potential.

Many years of field tests conducted by experts of ECOORGANIC, made it possible to determine the most effective schemes for the use of special fertilizers for pre-sowing seed treatment. Analyzing the results of field trials, we once again saw the effectiveness of GROS Rootgrowth and ECOLINE Phosphite (K) for seed treatment. Due to the content of phosphorus in the form of phosphite, these fertilizers significantly improve the protection of seedlings from pathogens, stimulate the development of the root system, which in arid autumn conditions allows the plant to extract moisture from deeper soil layers. The biologically active substances that are part of the composition of GROS Rootgrowth, neutralize the negative effects of stress on the plant and provide advanced growth and development, which is very important in the current realities.

Very often it is almost impossible to sow in the optimal time, at the same time it is important to get seedlings that can withstand autumn weather conditions and winter thaws and at the same time have the resources to restore the spring vegetation. Preparation of seeds for sowing with the use of GROS Rootgrowth fully solves these problems, as it helps to increase the dry matter content, in particular sugars, which are necessary for successful overwintering of plants.

The results of field trials with usage of only GROS Rootgrowth and ECOLINE Phosphite (K) for pre-sowing seed treatment (without foliar fertilization during the growing season), show that to get an additional 5-10% of the yield due to this technological technique - is quite real!



STOV "Pravda" Kirovograd region. Intermediate check 05.11.2020.

K - check without seed treatment,

Option 1 - GROS Rootgrowth 1.0 l / t + ECOLINE Phosphite (K) 1.0 l / t

Winter wheat yield results:

Check - 48.0 dt / ha, Option 1 – 52.0 dt / ha


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