Foliar nutrition of cherries and sweet cherries after flowering


Cherries and sweet cherries form a high yield of berries, which requires, in addition to basic fertilizers, foliar application of mineral nutrients.

The system of foliar nutrition of these crops should be divided into two periods:

The first: from the end of flowering till the beginning of ripening - is aimed at increasing yield and improving the quality of berries.

Weather conditions are not very favorable for stone fruits this year. Due to excessive humidity, a stronger manifestation of diseases of trees and fruits is possible. Given that the main cause of gummosis is a violation of the nutritional system caused by lack of calcium, we recommend at least 3-4 times foliar fertilization with calcium in the form of chelate (the last one - 2 weeks before harvesting). To curb the development of other diseases, in particular moniliosis, in addition to fungicides, it is advisable to use foliar application of phosphorus in the form of phosphite. Boron is of great importance for improving the quality of berries. Depending on the region of cultivation, soil conditions, manifestations of deficiency of other microelements, in particular iron, are possible.

The second period begins after harvest. Application of fertilizers containing copper and boron is aimed at preventive disease control and improving the morphogenesis of next year's harvest buds.

Based on this, we recommend the following scheme of foliar nutrition of cherries and sweet cherries in the season of 2021:

The first - after the fall of the ovary: ECOLINE Calcium-Boron (Chelates) 1.5 l / ha + ECOLINE Magnesium (Chelates) 1.5 l / ha.

The second - in 10-14 days: ECOLINE Phosphite (K-Zn) 2,0 l / ha.

The third - in two weeks: ECOLINE Calcium-Boron (Chelates) 1.5 l / ha + ECOLINE Boron (Premium) 1.0 l / ha.

The fourth - in two weeks: ECOLINE Calcium-Boron (Chelates) 1.5 l / ha + GROS Quitselium 1.5 l / ha.

Fifth fertilization - in mid-September: ECOLINE Boron (Organic) 1.5 l / ha + ECOLINE Copper (Chelate) 2.0 l / ha.

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