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The products of the company "Ecoorganik" continue to confirm its high quality and efficiency. Company Signet Holding applied our product Ecoline Phosphite K-Amino to sugar beet. The purpose of the application was to increase the content of sugar in the root crops by using a specially selected combination of L-α-amino acids.

The application of amino acids with phosphorus in phosphite form and potassium induces the plant to move sugars from leaf mass to root.

What is Ecoline Phosphite K?

Ecoline Phosphite K - Highly concentrated special fertilizer containing phosphorus in the form of phosphite. Phosphorus in this form is rapidly absorbed by the plant and promotes the activation of the growth of the root system. An important accompanying action of phosphorus in the form of phosphite is the stimulation of the synthesis of a specific group of proteins - phytoalexins, which enhance the immunity of plants and inhibit the development of pathogens of plant diseases of fungal and bacterial nature.

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