6 microfertilizers company Ecoorganic received certificate "Organic Standard"


Today many people think seriously about the quality and ecological safety of products that they have on their tables. Organic farming products are exactly like these. They are not only useful, but absolutely safe for human health.

In many world countries organic products are specially certified, for customers to have the right to choose and be informed about the quality of that purchased products.

It doesn’t certify the product itself, but the entire cultivation process, including the full range of measures for the protection and feeding of the plant and control the level of soil, etc. Organic farming products appear with a special label on the market shelves. Probably, many of us are familiar with Eurolief, the special sign that indicates the environmental friendliness of the product in EU countries.

The company "Ecoorganic" is pleased to inform its partners and users of our products that we have received Certificate of "Organic Standard" for six products in our range of fertilizers for foliar feeding "Ecoline".

Now producers of environmentally friendly products are free to use in their systems foliar feeding of following products: Ecoline Boron Organic, Ecoline Boron Light, Ecoline Zinc chelate, Ecoline Iron chelate, Ecoline Copper chelate, Ecoline Manganese chelate.

We don’t stop and continue to implement the latest innovations and technologies in order to offer farmers the best products.

We wish you a good harvest!


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