Аutumn experiments of "Ecoorganic"


This year we have set up a number of trials on “second-harvest” crops like sunflower, millet and potatoes. We are testing the effectiveness of anti-stress fertilizers (ECOLINE Phosphite (K-Amino) and GROS Amino-Zn) against the negative influence of high temperatures.

We have made intermediate check of sunflower in Lubny district of Poltava region, which was sown after harvesting of winter wheat. The effect of foliar nutrition on plant growth and development is visually noticeable: in the trial variants, the plants are higher, formed larger, better filled baskets. Sunflower treated with GROS Amino-Zn (variant 2) looks best: the average weight of the basket is 40% higher than in the control, the seeds are larger, the plants are much less affected by rust. We are looking forward to the results of harvesting!

To be continued…


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