Pre-sowing treatment of winter rape seeds with special fertilizers is a measure that is rarely used due to the specificity of the crop. As a rule, farms spend seeding seeds, which has undergone appropriate treatment at seed factories. For those households where seeds are prepared by ourselves, we recommend using as a component of the tank mix, special fertilizer GROS Corenersist at a rate of 1.5 liters / tonne of seeds. The main direction in the reaping of winter crops is through root cropping in the key phases of growth and development.

Autumn sunflower growing of winter rape plants is necessary to ensure the formation of a powerful root system and the accumulation of sugars for successful winter breeding, as well as to balance the conditions of mineral nutrition at the beginning of the formation of elements of productivity, which occurs mainly from autumn. The process of differentiation of generative organs in winter rape plants occurs when the plants are in the phase of the socket (6-8 leaves). Balanced mineral nutrition and a longer period of laying buds on the apex of the root neck provide higher yields. Insufficient supply of late cannabis feed elements is one of the main causes of low yields that we observed on trial crops in the Poltava region this year. The harvest of rape seeds in control was the lowest - 21, 2 centners per hectare compared to crops more than 40 centners per hectare in Dnipropetrovsk and Ternopil regions. At the same time, the extra-root nutrition in spring by special fertilizers from the company "EKORRGANIK" in late crops was the most effective. The yield increase was almost 25% of the control.

For successful winter hibernation of plants from the autumn it is necessary to provide plants with key elements of mineral nutrition. Acute shortage of boron in the autumn period can lead to inhibition of growth and development of the root system, insufficient development of the leading beams, growth points, decrease in the accumulation of sugar from their transport to the cervix and worsen the frost, winter resistance of the plant and over winter as a whole, which leads to deformation and duplicity root canola system.

Lack of boron is most often manifested on soils of light granulometric composition, marshy, acidified, swollen, during periods of severe drought. Based on this, we offer the following options for endocrine fertilization by the company "EKORGANIK":

On crops with visual manifestations of lack of boron - Ecoline Bohr (Premium) in a dose of 1.0 - 1.5 l / ha.

On uneven crops where due to uneven stairs and areas of late sowing, some of the plants fall behind in growth, therefore, it is necessary to make foliar feeding with a special fertilizer GROSA Koreneryst in a dose of 1.0 - 1.5 l / ha to increase the phytohormonal balance in plants and Ensure intense root formation.

For the stress of rapeseed plants, we recommend conducting foliar feeding with a composition of ECOLAYN Phosphite (K) in a dose of 1.0 1.5 l / ha + Ecoline Bohr (Premium) in a dose of 0.5 -1.0 l / ha. Why do we recommend boron with amino acids? First of all, based on the unstable nature of the weather in the fall, so that the plants managed to absorb boron as quickly as possible, to accumulate sugars in the root neck.

In fields with soils of light granulometric composition , eroded, where there is a possible manifestation of deficiency of magnesium and boron, we recommend using Ecoline Bohr (Premium) in a dose of 1.0 l / ha + Ecoline Magnesium (Chelatans) 1.0 - 1.5l / ha + ECOLINE Phosphite (K) 1.0 - 2.0 l / ha.

The company "EKORRGANIK" - the domestic producer of high quality fertilizers for foliar nutrition offers on the market a wide range of products of various levels for correction of the conditions of mineral nutrition of winter rape plants in the autumn. This includes: ECOLINE BOR (Organic), ECOLINE BORE (Premium), ECOLINE Magny (Helat), ECOLINE Molybdenum (Complex), ECOLINE Copper (Chelat), Ecoline Manganese (Chelat), Ecoline Zinc (Chelat), Ecoline Phosphite (K) , GROS CORENERIST. Possible use of other compositions, if the need of plants in certain elements of the nutrition is installed laboratory.

Stupenko O.V. cd .. with - agronomist scientist - consultant of "ECORGANIK" Ltd.

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