"Еcoorganic" autumn experiments 2020


To increase the yield of "second harvest" potatoes? – It is possible!

Climatic conditions of the south of Ukraine allow to grow potatoes for the second yield, planting it after harvesting of winter cereals.

According to its biological features, this crop requires moderate temperatures (17–22°C) during the tuber formation period. The obstacle to obtaining high yield, even under irrigation conditions, is high air temperatures (>3OOC) and soil in this phase (which was observed in the south of Ukraine in September 2020).

In order to study the anti-stress properties of ECOORGANIC fertilizers with the content of amino acids, GROS Amino-Zn and GROS Health (with optimized formulation) against temperature stress, together with company “AGROANALIZ” we have set up a field experiment on potatoes planted after harvesting of winter barley (in the 1st decade of July). The study was conducted on ​​1.9 hectares, in 3 replications. Fertilizers were applied on September 9, in the phase of the beginning of tuber formation. The last intermediate survey was conducted before the harvesting of potatoes - on October 29: in both experimental variants we have observed a significant increase in yield and tuber size compared to the control. GROS Amino-Zn proved to be the best: due to the complex action of amino acids and zinc in the conditions of high temperatures, the increase in yield was 16.4%, and the increase in the number of tubers of the largest fraction -37.9%. The use of GROS Health (updated formulation based on amino acid) has also resulted in a significant increase in yield.

  Average per 3 replications
Variant Yield, t/ha Yield of size >6, t/ha Yield of size 4-6, t/ha Yield of small size potatoes, t/ha Yields without small size potatoes, t/ha
  1. Control (check)
29,3 14,5 13,6 1,2 28,1
  1. GROS Amino-Zn 1,0 l/ha
34,1 (+16,4%) 20,0 (+37,9%) 12,9 1,2 32,8
  1. GROS Health 1,0 l/ha
32,9 (+12,3%) 15,7 (+8,3%) 15,5 1,6 31,3



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