Effective "ECOORGANIC" fertilizers for winter cereal seed treatment


Before the season of winter cereals sowing, we draw your attention to the importance of treating the seeds with special fertilizers. This technological practice provides the plant with the most important macro- and microelements in the period from germination to the transition to nutrition from its own root system, as well as activates physiological processes in the young plant, which significantly helps to tolerate adverse weather conditions and maintain yield potential.

Analyzing the results of application of "ECOORGANIC" fertilizers in 2020, we once again saw the effectiveness of GROS Rootgrowth and ECOLINE Phosphite (K) for seed treatment. Due to the content of phosphorus in the form of phosphite, these fertilizers significantly improve the protection of seedlings from pathogens, stimulate the development of the root system, which in arid autumn conditions allows the plant to extract moisture from deeper soil layers. Biologically active substances, which are part of the composition of GROS Rootgrowth, reduce the effect of stress on the plant and provide advanced growth and development. In addition, GROS Rootgrowth helps to increase the dry matter content, in particular sugars, which are necessary for successful overwintering of plants.

As a rule, our partners - agricultural producers apply the whole "ECOORGANIC" scheme of fertilization of winter cereals: seed treatment + one or two foliar applications in the phase of tillering / flag leaf / tube / earing. In such cases, it is difficult to identify the role of a separate fertilizer GROS Rootgrowth and ECOLINE Phosphite (K) (without foliar fertilization during the growing season), show that achieving additional 5-10% of yield due to this technological practice is quite real!

Farm name Fertilizers and dose rates used for seed treatment Field area Yield at the check plot Yield with “ECOORGANIC” fertilizers Yield increase
Farm PIATYDNI, Volynska obl. GROS Rootgrowth 1,0 l/t +

ECOLINE Phosphite (K) 0,5 l/t

5 ha 66,0 dt/ha 70,0 dt/ha + 4,0 dt/ha


Farm AGROLAN KRUPETS, Rivnenska obl. GROS Rootgrowth 1,0 l/t +

ECOLINE Phosphite (K) 0,5 l/t

5 ha 70,7 dt/ha 76,0 dt/ha + 5,3 dt/ha


Farm PRAVDA, Kirovogradska obl. GROS Rootgrowth 1,0 l/t +

ECOLINE Phosphite (K) 1,0 l/t

31,5 ha 36,7 dt/ha 40,1 dt/ha + 3,4 dt/ha


Farm DZVONY, Lvivska obl. GROS Rootgrowth 1,0 l/t +

ECOLINE Phosphite (K) 0,5 l/t

0,85 ha 62,3 dt/ha 67,2 dt/ha + 4,9 dt/ha


Farm KARLIVSKE SGP LOS, Poltavska obl. GROS Rootgrowth 1,0 l/t +

ECOLINE Cereal (Chelates) 0,5 l/t

10 ha 43,0 dt/ha 45,0 dt/ha + 2,0 dt/ha



Farm PIATYDNI, Volynska obl. Intermediate check 20.03.2020. K – check plot (without seed treatment), 1 - seed treatment with competitive products, 2 - seed treatment with GROS Rootgrowth 1,0 l/t + ECOLINE Phosphite (K) 0,5 l/t


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