Handwashing is one of the key recommendations to avoid or at least reduce the risk of getting COVID19. If handwashing is not possible, you should use a hand sanitizer with high alcohol content to apply on your skin. Now ECOORGANIC company is offering this kind of product as well. At our factory, we have started production of hand sanitizer SEP TOP (E) 80%. It contains the components recommended by WHO*: alcohol (80%), glycerin and hydrogen peroxide.
SEP TOP (E) 80% can be used not only in the conditions of the spread of the COVID19 virus, but also in any situations where it is imperative to observe sanitary and hygienic norms and rules (disinfection of the hands of workers and patients of medical institutions, catering and trade workers, at home when caring for the sick, newborns, the elderly, etc.).

SEP TOP (E) 80% is a universal and safe product, but be sure to read the instructions on the label before use.
SEP TOP (E) 80% is available in 1 liter and 20 liter cans.

You can order SEP TOP (E) 80% by phone +38 (067) 469-75-19 or by e-mail ecoorganic@ukr.net.

Be healthy, wash and disinfect your hands, if you can - stay home, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Quality "ECOORGANIC" for your health and safety!

*World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations on the prescription of antiseptics for the treatment of hands:

Components (volume percent):
- Ethanol 80% or isopropyl alcohol 75%
- Glycerin 1.45%
- Hydrogen peroxide 0.125%
- Sterile distilled or boiled chilled water

Alcohol: the antiseptic component.
Glycerin: used as a skin moisturizer - an inexpensive, widely available component that is soluble in water and alcohol, does not increase toxicity and does not cause allergies.
Hydrogen Peroxide: used to inactivate microbial spores that contaminate the solution or the packaging. It is not an active substance for hand disinfection.
Any other supplement should be clearly labeled and should not be toxic if accidentally swallowed.
The addition of fragrance substances or colorants is NOT RECOMMENDED due to the risk of allergic reactions!

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