Efficiency of application of microfertilizers. Environmentally safe products


Nowadays one of the most important factors in increasing the yield and quality of products in the conditions of intensive technologies application are microelements due to the increase in their withdrawal by the harvest, and the lack of organic fertilizers (manure). These elements include boron, manganese, copper, molybdenum, cobalt, zinc, iron and a number of others. Also an important factor in the growth and development of plants is the presence of phytohormones - chemicals that are produced in plants and regulate their growth and development.
The creation and introduction of complex preparations containing microfertilizers and phytohormones is a new modern stage in the development of agrochemical science. Therefore, the company Ecoorganic presents the latest and unique products on the domestic market - liquid microfertilizers produced by ARVENSIS AGRO, SA, quality which has been confirmed for many years in more than 25 countries and certified by the European Organic Certificates (ÖKO-GARANTIE, CAAE). The line of preparations from the company Ecoorganic includes innovative products, including growth regulators with amino acids and phytohormones.
For the activation and growth of the root system, the company Ecoorganic proposes to use the latest growth biostimulator based on collagen and keratin  TRIAMIN RADICULAR , which contains the basic amino acids for activation and growth of the root system by rapid cell division. Studies conducted in the Mykolaiv State Veterinary Academy showed that with the norm of adding TRIAMIN RADICULAR 3l / ha on vegetables, yields increased by 68.7% (cabbage) and 94.28% (table beet).
The use of the most modern micronutrient  TRIAMIN PLUS , which contains a large number of amino acids and peptides, accelerates plant regeneration in critical situations (affected by frost, drought, mechanical damage to hail or pests, intoxication of plants, etc.). When adding  GRANFOL K,  there is a significant increase in crop yields (table bean 84,79% at the rate of introduction -2,7 l / ha, cabbage 52,6% at a rate of 2,7l / ha). The product is specially designed for use on vegetable and fruit plants.
The use of  GRANFOL Cu  on sunflower seeds caused a significant increase in yields by 3-6 c / ha (according to the Nikolaev State Veterinary Academy ). The reason for such a high efficiency is the presence of phosphorus with copper in the preparation, which increased the resistance of plants to laying and fungal and bacterial diseases. In stressful situations (heat, droughts, frostbite) the growth regulators in the plant are greatly reduced, which significantly reduces yields.
The use of the universal bioactivator  QUITSELUM , which besides microelements contains growth regulators, positively influences productivity and improves the quality of products; improves the efficiency of application of mineral fertilizers and pesticides. According to the Nikolayevsky SMP, the introduction of the drug QUITSELUM increased the yield of white cabbage by 34.1% (with a norm of 0.9 liters per hectare), beet table on 76% (at a rate of 0.9 l / ha) and sunflower on 6.4 c / ha (with a norm of 0,6 l / ha). The reason for this increase is the response to phytohormones (gibberellin, cytokinin, etc.), which help to endure extreme effects on plants, in particular, high and low temperatures.
Ecoorganic offers the use of universal and multicomponent microfertilizers FERTIMICRO for the effective end-root nutrition of all cultivated crops  . The nutrients in the preparation are contained in an optimal amount, which provides high fertilizer efficiency and increases the resistance of plants.
The conducted researches by specialists of Mykolayiv State Municipal State Administration showed that during the processing of sunflower seeds with    FERTIMICRO Mg, the  increase in yield was 2-5 centners / ha due to the presence in this preparation of a universal highly enriched complex of trace elements (zinc, boron, magnesium, molybdenum, copper, iron, etc.) in chelate form.
When cultivating barley crops (rape, sugar beet, sunflower, potatoes, grapes, vegetables), there is a need for the most complete assimilation of boron. The use of the preparation  FERTIMIX B , which contains the organic complex of boron and ethanolamine, contributes to the improvement of the product type, the increase in total yield, quality and lushness.
To adjust the molybdenum content in the grown legumes and grasses Company Ecoorganic suggests using comprehensive water-soluble fertilizer with nitrogen and phosphorus  FERTIMIKS Mo . Phosphorus facilitates the absorption of molybdenum, activates the enzymes of nitrogen and nitrate reductase, which are involved in fixing nitrogen from the air.
The ideal drug to correct the lack of trace elements in cultured cultures is  FERTIMIX . This is a complex, organic product containing manganese, iron and zinc complex with lignosulphates. The proposed technologies increase the immunity of plants, without damaging the environment and not harming people. It is a good choice for you, and Ecoorganic, regional consultants and distributors are always ready to help.

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