Feeding winter rape at the beginning of the phase. Stalking.


Winter rape in the spring, with the onset of heat, actively forms the vegetative mass of plants, and at the same time the generative organs responsible for the formation of a future crop of seeds with high quality indicators.

One of the critical phases is the beginning of a stalk. During this period, plants need enhanced nutrition with basic macro and microelements. If the main macroelements — nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium — are usually supplied with plants, because thanks to fertilizers and sufficient soil heating, all these elements are available to the root system of plants, in many cases the critical situation, often without visual signs of a lack of a battery. This deficiency can be established only by the results of functional diagnostics. To eliminate the identified needs of plants in the elements of mineral nutrition, Ecoorganic LLC recommends the use of a number of special fertilizers in rapeseed feed systems: Ecoline Magnesium (Chelates), Ecoline Bor (Premium) and Ecoline Bor (Organic). In case of signs of stress on plants, we recommend foliar top dressing with antistress agents Ecoline Phosphine (K-amino), or Ecoline Universe Growth (Amino), which are characterized by an immunostimulating and anti-stress effect on plants.

Foliar fertilization with these compositions, both on test sites and on commercial crops in all natural and climatic zones of our country, ensured high efficiency, accompanied by the elimination of the manifestation of a deficiency in individual mineral nutrition elements and strong plant growth.

Ecoline Phosphitium (K-Amino) provides phosphorus in the form of phosphite to plants and promotes balanced nutrition with nitrogen and potassium. Phosphorus enhances the growth of the root system, stimulates the production of phytoalexins in plants (increases immunity). Phosphites have a weak fungicidal effect, so that can inhibit infection with pathogens and the development of fungal diseases. Potassium contained in microfertilizers helps to maintain plant turgor, which ensures the passage of metabolic processes. L-α amino acids improve the energy balance of plants and help to overcome stress more quickly.

Magnesium is extremely important in plant metabolism. It promotes the growth of the root system and the transportation of nutrients to plant organs. Magnesium is indispensable in the process of photosynthesis, activation of most enzymes and energy conversion. Ecoline Magnesium Microfertilizer (Chelates) contains magnesium in the form of a chelate and a chelated form of trace elements of metals that activate chlorophyll.

In case of boron deficiency, it appears on young parts of plants (leaves are small, deformed, corrugated and brittle, with chlorotic spot and edge color purple), we recommend using special fertilizer Ecoline Bor (Premium), which not only eliminates the lack of boron, but also removes signs stress due to L-α amino acids contained in it.

Thus, in order to preserve the potential of winter rapeseed, taking into account the prevailing conditions, we recommend foliar top dressing, based on the actual condition of the plants on a specific field:

  1. Ecoline Bor (Organic) 1.0 l / ha + Ecoline on poorly developed, strongly depressed crops Phosphitic (K-amino) 1.0 l / ha
  2. With magnesium deficiency - Ecoline Phosphitic (K) 1.0 l / ha + Ecoline Magnesium (Chelates) 1.0 l / ha.
  3. On normally developed crops - Ecoline Bor (Premium) 1.0 l / ha.

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