On different types of soils, plants may experience a lack of certain mineral nutrients. Particular attention should be paid to providing sunflower with boron. 5.0 mg of boron per 1 kg of soil is the limit below which the first symptoms of deficiency of this element begin to appear, and when its content is less than 3.0 mg / 1 kg, such symptoms can be very noticeable.

Boron plays an important role from the moment the seeds germinate and further in the growing season. It is involved in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism, synthesis of amino acids and proteins, chlorophyll. Boron is also important for the development of the root system of sunflower. It improves the outflow of carbohydrates to this part of the plant and activates its growth.

To provide sunflower plants with boron in the phase of 3 - 5 pairs of leaves, we recommend using ECOLINE Boron (Premium) at the dose of 1.0 l / ha. The introduction of boron in combination with L-α-amino acids promotes better absorption of boron and mitigates the negative effects of stress factors of various nature.

On soils with low level of fertility, with significant spread of pathogens, it is advisable to fertilize with the tank mixture of ECOLINE Boron (Premium) 1.0 l / ha + GROS Phosphite-NP 1.0-1.5 l / ha to enhance the vegetative growth of plants and restrain the development of diseases.

Signs of zinc deficiency may appear on sunflower plants on carbonate soils with heavy particle size distribution and moisture deficiency. In this case, instead of GROS Phosphite-NP, it is advisable to use ECOLINE Phosphite (K-Zn) at the same dose of 1.0 - 1.5 l / ha.

If there is a deficiency of other nutrients (manganese, iron, molybdenum, etc.), established visually or on the basis of laboratory results, the respective chelate fertilizers of "ECOORGANIC" can be applied.



Sunflower plants, 2 weeks after the 1st foliar fertilization (made at 3-5 pairs of leaves stage). К – check (farm’s system), 1 - ECOLINE Boron (Premium) 1.0 l/ha, 2 - ECOLINE Boron (Premium) 1.0 l/ha + GROS Phosphite-NP 1.5 l/ha (Farm “Romaniv” (trial field of “Pioneer Nasinnia Ukraina”, Volyn region, 2019)

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