FITOSTART AND MULTISTART - a balanced and powerful start for plants.


FITOSTART AND MULTISTART - a balanced and powerful start for plants.

With the help of starter fertilizers, we create a "favorable zone" around the seed and provide comfortable conditions for feeding it with key elements after its germination. The use of liquid fertilizers becomes especially relevant in conditions of moisture shortages, which occur almost every year in our country. Long and cool springs are already becoming the norm for the climatic conditions of Ukraine. The temperature of the soil during this period significantly limits the assimilation of phosphorus, especially in critical phases of development.

Liquid starter fertilizers produced by "ECOORGANIC" LLC fully meet the needs of plants during the formation and development of the root system at the initial stages of growth. The ratio of key elements N : P = 1:3 is a generally accepted optimum in the initial period of plant growth.

The use of FITOSTART and MULTISTART fertilizers is a powerful tool that provides plants with a dynamic start and the opportunity to form a more developed root system and plants as a whole.

The main advantages of starting NPK fertilizers FITOSTART and MULTISTART:

  • High efficiency;
  • Safety (no ballast, low salt index);
  • Technology of use;
  • Possibility of application in fertigation and leaf systems;
  • Less dependence on soil moisture.

‼️We draw your attention to the fact that the MULTISTART line is unique on the Ukrainian market, as it combines the technology of starter fertilizers with the efficiency and quality of chelating compositions "ECOORGANIC"!

Is it possible to use them with macro fertilizers and organic fertilizers? Consumers constantly ask these questions. In our opinion, this should not be done, because starter fertilizers are located next to the most vulnerable part of a young plant - the seedling! Any changes in pH, salt index or other properties of added substances can lead to undesirable consequences. And in addition, there are recommended doses and adjusted pouring, which will be incorrect if other components are added.

In the 2023 season, the following brands of starter fertilizers are available:

  • FITOSTART NPK (Jet 8-24-0, Sprint 6-24-6, Fast 3-18-18)
  • MULTISTART NPK+ME (Sunflower, Corn, Universal)

The rest of the starter fertilizers are available to order.

You can familiarize yourself with the full list of brands and descriptions of the lines of liquid starter fertilizers on the website:

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