Sugar beet is a crop that has been cultivated for only two centuries. However, thanks to the success of breeders, it has a high potential of productivity and therefore requires intensive cultivation technologies. Fertilization of the crop is one of the most important components of the technology. Optimal mineral nutrition of sugar beets requires the application of basic fertilizers, foliar fertilization systems and nutrition adjustments during the growing season in accordance with the conditions prevailing in the fields.

Weather conditions in recent years are rarely completely favorable for the growth and development of the crop, which leaves a certain imprint on the mineral nutrition of plants. Sugar beets are particularly affected by weeds in the early stages of development, and therefore possible manifestations of phytotoxicity after application of herbicides. Mineral nutrition is associated not only with the productivity of plants, but also their health, which further affects the quality of raw sugar. Unbalanced fertilization is one of the causes of root and leaf diseases.

In order to prevent the deficiency of key nutrients in the second half of the growing season of sugar beets, the company "ECOORGANIC" offers the following program of foliar nutrition:

Row closure till crop cover: to enhance the accumulation of sugars, prevent the manifestation of physiological diseases - ECOLINE Boron (Premium) 1.5 l / ha + ECOLINE Copper (Chelate) 0.5 l / ha.

After crop cover: to increase the resistance of plants to diseases and enhance the process of photosynthesis - ECOLINE Magnesium (Chelates) 2.0 l / ha + GROS Phosphite-NP 1.5 l / ha.

Last treatment with fungicides: to increase sugar content, increase the synthesis and outflow of sugar into the root, improve the technological quality of raw sugar - ECOLINE Phosphite (K-Amino) 1.5-2.0 l / ha.

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