Foliar nutrition of soybeans in the 1st decade of June 2019


Specific weather conditions in May and early June caused some corrections of the system of soybean nutrition. Despite sufficient moisture supply, most areas of this crop are lagging in growth due to lack of active temperatures, flooding, negative effect of herbicides. On top of the listed complex of problems the crop is being damaged by painted lady (Vanessa cardui) worms which feed on soy leaves. In order to preserve the crop, we recommend to adjust the system of foliar nutrition in the following way:

For the areas with signs of herbicide stress, starting from the phase of two true leaves, we recommend foliar application of tank mix of ECOLINE Molybdenum (Complex) 1.0 l/ha + ECOLINE Phosphite (K-Amino) 1.5 l/ha.

In case of insecticide application, we recommend to add into the tank-mix ECOLINE Phosphite (K) 1.5 l/ha or FITOSTART Jet 2.5 - 3.5 l/ha to improve the growth of the root system and the plants in general.

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