Foliar Nutrition of Winter Oilseed Rape after Frost Damage


The abnormally warm weather during the calendar winter contributed to the fact that virtually all winter oilseed rape fields were in good and satisfactory condition at the beginning of March. At some areas the plants have already thrown out the flowering stem. During freezing, this most vulnerable part of the oilseed rape plant was affected by the low temperatures at night, which were accompanied by strong wind. Crop survey in the east, south and center of our country shows that the central peduncle is damaged and the likelihood of resuscitation is negligible. We can still hope for the development of second-order flowering stems, which are located closer to the root and covered with leaves.

What should we do in this situation? – we need to observe the development of plants and to be ready to provide first aid at a time when the plants will be able to "perceive" it. This period is expected around 29 - 30 March when the day and night temperature is above zero.

We recommend foliar nutrition of the plants with special ECOORGANIC fertilizers which contain amino acids and other biologically active substances, in particular ECOLINE Phosphite (K-Amino) - 1,0-1,5 l/ha or ECOLINE Universal Growth (Amino) – 1.0 -1.5 l/ha. It is possible to combine these fertilizers in a tank mix with fungicides based on tebuconazole (or similar active substances). Fertilizing with boron should be done later - after assessing the state of plant recovery.

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