Indigenous corn rejuvenation from the phase of 6 to 8 leaves until thawing.


Corn belongs to the most productive crops of modern agriculture. To produce a high yield, a culture needs balanced nutrition. The priority element of mineral nutrition for a culture is nitrogen. Corn is used quite effectively by the effect of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers introduced under the predecessor. At the same time, in the question of feeding corn with trace elements in the production pay not enough attention, but in vain, even if they are in the soil, plants may feel a deficit. Boron, iron and manganese are important, but a key element for zinc corn plants.
It is especially important to prevent the manifestation of deficiency of trace elements in the early stages of growth and development of corn plants. With the development of 6-8 leaf corn enters the phase of rapid growth, the formation of male and female inflorescences of the plant continues, and they need enhanced supply of nutrition elements. As a rule, at this time the stress action of herbicides appears and plants begin to grow up. For the removal of corn from the state of stress, we recommend that the extra-root nutrition be carried out with special fertilizers containing easily accessible amino acids, phytohormones and phosphorus in the form of phosphites.

From the range of fertilizers released by the company Ecoorganic are suitable for use: Ecoline Phosphite C Amino 1.0 - 2.0 L / ha, Gross Health 1.0 - 2.0 L / ha, and Ecoline Universal Amount Growth (per pre-order) at a dose of 1.5 - 2.0 l / ha. If the technical feasibility of the farm does not allow to enter the crop more than before, it is necessary to add 0.5 to 1.0 liters of boron to the tank mixture in order to prevent the manifestation through the grains due to the low quality of pollen grains. If crops are not stressed in non-root nutrition at this stage of development of plants, after-feeding feeding can be carried out with a tank mix Ecoline Corn Chelatans 1.5 l / ha + Ecoline Bour P regiment 1.0 l / ha.
The experiments conducted in 2017 on different corn rearing schemes were effective and profitable in all natural and climatic zones of our country. Sufficiently significant increase in the corn grain yield at the use of fertilizers manufactured by the company "Ecoorganic" was obtained both on experimental sites and in production crops, which were conducted by other companies. The results of the Pioneer Seed Ukraine on demolition in the Ternopil region were quite demonstrative (see Table).


CornR8523 (FAO 260)
Phase of development, (VVSN), date CONTROL Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
3-5 leaves (VVSN 13-15) 30.05
No fertilizer for pozharozhennoy nutrition
EcoLinkChilat2.0 l / ha EcolineClinChilat2.0 l / ha + EcolinePhosphateK 1.0 l / ha EcoLineKlinat1.0 l / ha + EcolinePhosphateK 1.0 l / ha + EcolineUniversalRistAmino1.0 l / ha EcoLaynClinChilat1.0 l / ha + EcolineFosfitKik 1.0 l / ha + EcolineUniversalRistAmino1.0 l / ha + GrosCoreneryt0.5 l / ha
6-9 sheets (VVSN 16-19) 16.06 Ecoline Cucumber2.0 l / ha Ecoline Corn 1.0 l / ha + GrossFosfitoNP 1.0l / ha Ecoline Corn 1.0 l / ha + GrosFosfitoNP 1.0l / ha + EcolineBorPremium1 / ha Ecoline Corn 1.0 l / ha + GrosPhosphitonNP 1.0 l / ha + EcolineBorPerium 1.0 l / ha + Gros Health 0.5 l / ha
Harvesting - 10/19/2017
Yield, t / ha 8.68 8.76 9.1 9.38 9.85
Growth, t / ha   0.08 0.42 0.7 1.17
Growth,%   0.9 4.8 8.1 13.5
FINANCIAL RESULTS (Cost of ECORGANIC products according to recommended prices to the final consumer in US dollars with VAT, Prices of agricultural products - average in the market in US dollars per 1 ton)
Cost of fertilizers, $ / ha
  23.84 40.27 50.61 71.45
Cost of increment of crop, $ / ha
  14 73.5 122.5 204.75
Net profit, $ / ha
  9.84 33.23 71.89 133.3

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