Microfertilizer Ecoline in the system of pre-planting of seeds of spring cereal crops


Vari grain crops - wheat, barley, oats occupy smaller crops than winter, but this does not make them less important in the agriculture of our country. Their area of ​​sowing can grow significantly in the conditions of adverse winter hibernation, so these crops are also called "insecure".
The peculiarity of the technology of growing of spring crops is that their vegetation period is much shorter, which precisely prompts them to hang as soon as possible. Early sowing is often carried out in insufficiently warmed soils, so the passage of key phases of development falls under the influence of adverse weather conditions. As a short growing season, and the impact of stress factors reduce their yield compared to winter crops.
To a large extent, to counterbalance the negative impact of weather conditions on the growth and development of crops in the early phases of organogenesis and to increase the energy of growth helps to achieve balanced nutrition. The faster and more complete the plants get spilled, the higher the chances for the plant to use productively the reserves of soil moisture, which is often among the limiting factors.
It is precisely the processing of the seeds with the complex of micro and macro elements simultaneously with the maturation effectively solves the problem of providing a balanced feed in the phases from germination - to the end of the bite.
For this purpose, it is necessary to carry out pre-seed treatment of seeds with a highly effective composition produced by the company Ecoorganic - Ecoline Universal Seeds of Chelat and Ecoline Fosfitny K.

Ecoline Universal Chelat's seeds   are a complex microfertilizer with a high content of nitrogen and potassium and a complex of trace elements in the form of 100% EDTA chelates, selected in the ratios of the necessary activation of growth processes in seedlings and providing young plants with mineral nutrition elements prior to the steady supply of them from their own root system.

Application rate - 0,5 l / ton of seeds.

Ecoline Phosphite K - Highly concentrated special fertilizer containing phosphorus in the form of phosphite. Phosphorus in this form is rapidly absorbed by the plant and promotes the activation of the growth of the root system. An important accompanying action of phosphorus in the form of phosphite is the stimulation of the synthesis of a specific group of proteins - phytoalexins, which enhance the immunity of plants and inhibit the development of pathogens of plant diseases of fungal and bacterial nature.

Application rate - 0,5 - 0,8 l / t seeds.


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