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We would like to draw your attention to the new boron fertilizer in ECOORGANIC product range ECOLINE Boron (Opti)

This compound fertilizer is effective in difficult weather conditions or when growing vegetables or fruits, where the benefits of boron, molybdenum and zinc synergies are particularly relevant. We also provide a brief comparison of ECOORGANIC boron fertilizers to facilitate the selection of the optimal product. Please note that when choosing a fertilizer, you should also take into account other products that are applied in the tank mix (for example, do not combine 2 fertilizers with amino acids or phytohormones in one application, etc.).

                                                             Positioning of ECOORGANIC Boron Fertilizers
                                                                in Agricultural Crop Growing Technologies

 Name of the fertilizer  

ECOLINE Boron (Organic)


ECOLINE Boron (Premium) ECOLINE Boron (Opti)
Conditions of application  Basic technology  

Intensive technology / unfavorable weather conditions

 High temperatures / lack of precipitation / low pH soils / fruits and vegetables
 Characteristics and advantages  

Concentrated Boron fertilizer for prevention or removing the signs of Boron deficiency






Improves plants’ stress and cold resistance, regulates flowering process, improves yield quality


Concentrated Boron fertilizer with L-α-amino acids for prevention or removing the signs of Boron deficiency; anti-stress efficacy




Improves plants’ stress resistance, provides restorative effect after stress factors influence; regulates flowering process, improves yield quantity and quality; increases dry matter content in fruits and vegetables вміст сухих речовин у товарній частині врожаю плодових і овочевих


Fertilizer which combines Boron, Molybdenum and Zinc for prevention or removing the signs of deficiency of these elements, is especially efficient in complicated growing conditions due to the synergism of the active ingredients



Complex Boron-Molybdenum increases the intensity of physiological processes in the plants; combination of Boron and Zinc provides for better Boron uptake under high temperature conditions

Average dose rate  

0,5 – 1,0 l/ha


1,0 – 1,5 l/ha


1,0 – 2,0 l/ha

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