The increase in the demand for grain of this crop in the world market stimulates interest in natu growing and domestic agricultural producers, which are not stopped by a fairly high price for seeds, and not fully exploited cultivation technology, in particular in the segment of mineral nutrition. The company "Ecoorganic" offers the following scheme of foliar feeding of Nut.

  • Seed treatment before sowing Gros Coronerist 1 - 2 l / ton of seed.
  • Reindeer nutrition before the start of the phase of budding Ecoline Molybdenum Complex 1 l / ha (8-15) of these leaves.
  • Root nutrition in the budding phase Ecoline Bohr Premium 1 l / ha + Gross Quicheilium 1.5 l / ha.
  • Root nutrition in the phase of bean formation Ecoline Bean Chelates 2.0 l / ha.

In the spring of this year we have set up a series of experiments with the system of endocrine nutrition by fertilizers from the company Ekoorganik in order to establish quantitative parameters for the influence of plants on proposed supplements. In the finely field experiment in the Taraschansky district of the Kiev region, we cultivate Noni Orion variety. Pre-sowing seed treatment and seeding were carried out on April 25, 2018. The first stage is pre-sowing seed treatment with a special fertilizer Gros Coronerist in two doses of 1 l / t and 2 l / ton of seed and control - without processing Gros Corenery seed . As of May 22, 2018, the stairs have visually differed (photo 1).

Photo 1. Development of plant nourishing Orion variety on May 22, 2018.

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The most developed plants, both the above-ground part and the roots in the variants with the treatment of seeds before sowing with the special fertilizer Gros Coronerist. The digital material for measuring individual indicators for the experimental variants is given in the table. Since the culture is grown in this field for the first time and no treatment has been carried out with inoculants of colonies of tuber bacteria on the roots has not yet been detected.

Nutt Average values ​​of parameters for 3 typical plants as of 05/22/2018.


Plant height, see

Number of leaves, pieces / plant

Weight of plants, grams

Root length, see

Thickness of the stem near the roots, mm







Option 1

Gros Coronerist 1 l / ton of seeds






Option 2

Gros Coronerist 2 l / t seed






In this phase of development, plants have a small mass, and therefore for the accuracy of weighing took 3 plants of the average sample. As can be seen from the results of the first record, the influence of seed treatment with the fertilizer Gros Coronerist manifested itself in increasing the height of plants compared with the control, and, accordingly, the weight of the plants themselves. The highest indices, + 5 cm in height, and + 6 g were obtained in the variant with seed treatment of 2 l / ha. Plants from the variants of the fertilized Gros Coronerist fertilizer in the first stage are characterized by a more powerful stem with a higher than control stem thickness in the root portion. A tendency towards more intensive formation of lateral shoots appears. On May 22nd, it was done with a special fertilizer called Ecoline Molybdenum

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