Nutrition of kernel fruits in the second half of the growing season


July in the agro-climatic conditions of our country is an important period in the formation of the fruit yield of the current year and fruit buds of next year's harvest. At this time, the mineral nutrition of plants, its balance per individual elements is extremely important.

The availability of mineral nutrients largely depends on the properties of the soil and its moisture.

The reaction of the soil solution is important for the mineral nutrition of fruits. Slightly acidic or neutral soils (pH 5.8-7.0) are optimal for apple and pear trees. In trees growing on acidic soils (pH below 5.5), there is often a significant slowdown in growth due to poor absorption of phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, nitrogen and boron. Aluminum and manganese in such soils are more available and can sometimes even be toxic to plants and lead to lower yields. On alkaline soils (pH above 7.5), phosphorus, nitrogen, iron, copper, zinc and boron are often also unavailable. Given that gardens are most often planted on such soils, it is necessary to monitor the condition of plants and, if necessary, to carry out foliar fertilization with critical elements.

In case of acute deficiency or limited availability of certain elements from the soil, foliar fertilization is a quick and effective way to provide plants, flowers or fruits with the necessary nutrients and is a serious factor influencing fruit formation and fruit quality.

The nutrition should be carried out in the period from “walnut” fruit size till the beginning of ripening. At this time, it is important to provide plants with elements responsible for the formation of yield quality. For this purpose, we recommend the tank mix of ECOLINE Calcium-Boron (Chelates) 2,0 - 2,5 l / ha + ECOLINE Phosphite (K – Zn) 1,5 l / ha. If needed, fertilization with ECOLINE Calcium-Boron (Chelates) 2.0 l / ha should be repeated in 12-15 days.

In case of leaf diagnostics and establishment of need for other elements of mineral nutrition we can recommend corresponding compositions from the range of ECOORGANIC fertilizers. For gardens with drip irrigation systems we offer fertilization with liquid NPK complexes from the new FITOSTART line.

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