Onion Fertilization Recommendations


Onion Fertilization Recommendations

One of biological peculiarities of onion is its ability to stop leaf growth and terminate onion bulb development under unfavorable conditions (like low precipitation level, lack of nutrition elements in the soil or too compact soil). If the process of leaf formation is stopped when the bulb has started to develop, no agrotechnical measures can be effective.

To avoid that, farmers can implement a complex of measures aiming at providing growth of healthy leaves, not damaged by insects. One of the most important ones is root and foliar nutrition system.

ECOORGANIC Company recommends a system of foliar nutrition with special fertilizers combined with drip irrigation, namely:

Foliar Nutrition:

  • 3-5 leaves stage: ECOLINE Universal Growth (Chelates) - 1,5 l/ha;
  • Active growth stage: ECOLINE Zinc (Chelate) 1,0 l/ha + ECOLINE Phosphite (K-Amino) 2,0 l/ha;
  • Beginning of onion bulb formation: ECOLINE Universal Growth (Chelates) - 2 l/ha + FITOSTART Jet 3 l/ha.

Drip irrigation:

  • 3-5 leaves stage: FITOSTART Jet 20 l/ha
  • Active growth stage: FITOSTART Jet 10 l/ha

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