Pre-sowing treatment of seeds of spring wheat grains from LLC "ECOORGANIC".


Pre-sowing seed treatment with special compositions is an effective measure that provides increased field germination, active growth and development of plants in the early stages of organogenesis. Thanks to this treatment, the growth and development of plants is improved, especially in the period from germination to the transition to nutrition from its own root system, and the plant is more resistant to adverse weather conditions and pathogens.

For seed treatment, not only microelements or complex compositions with several nutrients in various forms are used, but also special fertilizers with the content of biologically active substances in particular: phosphite, amino acids, phytohormones. Their use in crop production provides results that can not be achieved in other ways.

Phosphorus in the form of a phosphite - when applied to the surface of seeds, enhances the growth of the root system and increases the resistance of plants to adverse factors.

Amino acids play a protective role. Receipt of free amino acids in a plant outwardly improves the condition of plants and allows the plant to save energy.

Phytohormones exhibit a regulatory effect on ontogeny processes.

Ecoorganic recommends using the following products or their combinations for presowing treatment of seeds of grain crops:

ECOLINE Grain (Chelates), ECOLINE Phosphite (K), GROS Root Growth

The combinations of Ecoorganic fertilizers for presowing treatment of seeds were repeatedly tested both at experimental plots and at industrial crops. In all cases, they obtained high efficiency: high field germination rates, a better developed and more powerful root system, enhanced development of the aerial parts of plants, and the like.

The results of the application of the GROS Root Growth are presented in the photo and in the table.


Indicator Control GROS Root Growth 1.5 l / t seed
Plant height, cm 22.0 25.0
Weight of one plant, g 7.0 12.0
Root length 9.0 10.0

The following are the basic combinations recommended by Ecoorganic LLC for presowing treatment of seeds of grain crops.

  1. ECOLINE Grain (Chelation) - 1.0 l / t;
  2. ECOLINE Grain (Chelation) - 1.0 l / t + ECOLINE Phosphite (K) - 0.5 l / t;
  3. GROWS Root Growth 1.0 - 1.5 l / t.

Despite the soil and climatic conditions, the use of certain varieties or hybrids, the expected level of harvest, each farm can choose its own option, which will be most productive for him.

Composition of fertilizers and recommended rates are given below.

GROS Root Growth

Element% vol.
Nitrogen NNH2 3,0
Phosphorus (phosphites) P2O5 5,0
Potassium K2O 3,0
Free amino acids L-α 3,0
Phytohormones, ppm:






Density 1.09 pH (1%) 6.5


Pre-sowing seed treatment: 1.0 - 1.5 l / t
Extra root feeding: 0.5-2.0 l / ha

ECOLINE Grain (Chelates)

100% chelated microfertilizer

Element   % *
nitrogen N- NH2 19.5
Potassium K2O 6.0
Magnesium MgO 3.5
Circus SO4 5.2
Iron Fe 0.5
Mangan Mn 1.7
copper Cu 1.0
Zinc Zn 0.4
Boron B 0.15


Pre-sowing seed treatment: 0.5 - 1.0 l / t
Foliar application: 0.5-2.0 l / ha


pH ** - 6.5 Density - 1.3


organo-mineral microfertilizer

Element   % *
nitrogen N- NH2 0.6
Phosphorus (phosphite) P2O5 53
Potassium K2O 35
Boron B 1,4

pH ** - 6.5 Density - 1.5

Pre-sowing seed treatment: 0.5 - 1.0 l / t
Foliar application: 0.5-2.0 l / ha

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