Pre-sowing treatment of seeds with special fertilizers.


Before the winter grain sowing season, we draw your attention to the importance of seed treatment with special fertilizers. This technological technique provides the plant with the most important macro- and microelements in the period from germination to the transition to nutrition from its own root system, as well as activates physiological processes in the young plant, which significantly helps to withstand adverse weather conditions and preserve yield potential.

Analyzing the results of the use of "ECOORGANIC" fertilizers in 2020-2021, we once again convinced ourselves of the effectiveness of GROS Corenerist and ECOLINE Phosphite (K) for seed treatment. Due to the content of phosphorus in the form of phosphite, these fertilizers significantly improve the protection of seedlings from pathogens, stimulate the development of the root system, which in the dry conditions of autumn gives the plant the opportunity to obtain moisture from the deeper layers of the soil. Biologically active substances, which are part of the composition of GROS Corenerist, reduce the effect of stress on the plant and ensure anticipatory growth and development. In addition, GROS Corenerist helps to increase the content of dry matter, in particular sugars, necessary for successful overwintering of plants.

As a rule, our agro-producer partners use a whole scheme of fertilizing winter cereals with "ECOORGANIC" fertilizers: seed treatment + one or two foliar applications in the phase of tillering/flag leaf/emerging into a tube/earing. In such cases, it is difficult to distinguish the role of one or another fertilizer in the final yield increase. However, the results of production experiments, in which only GROS Corenerist and ECOLINE Phosphite (K) seeds were treated (without foliar fertilization during the growing season), show that it is quite possible to get an additional 5-10% of the harvest thanks to this technological method!

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