Pre-sowing treatment of spring cereal with special fertilizers.


Pre-sowing treatment of spring cereal seeds with special fertilizers.

In modern farming conditions, spring grain crops, although less common, still belong to the leading agricultural crops that have important food, fodder and export value. Obtaining a high yield of good quality spring grain crops is not an easy task for agronomists, especially in the 2023 season.High prices for fertilizers and pesticides in the spring will be a serious limiting factor, and therefore the use of all possible means of increasing the yield is more relevant than ever.

Pre-sowing treatment of seeds with special fertilizers at the same time as AZR is a responsible procedure that affects the growth and development of plants. It belongs to the most effective methods of their application. This is very important for spring cereals, because at the first stages of growth and development, it is important to maintain fast growth rates in order to use the available moisture resources as efficiently as possible and reduce the negative impact of weeds by increasing the competitive ability of cultivated plants.

The composition is the most effective for pre-sowing seed treatment GROS Rootgrowth at a dose of 1.0 l/t + ECOLINE Phosphite (K) 0.5 l/t of seeds.

A well-chosen composition and form of active ingredients enhances the growth energy of the seedling and young plant (amino acids and phosphorus in the form of phosphite), and the ratio of auxins and cytokinins intensifies the division of meristem tissue cells. Treatment of seeds before sowing with fertilizer GROS Rootgrowth + ECOLINE Phosphite (K) provides:

- rapid growth of the root system, and as a result, faster and more powerful formation of above-ground mass;

- increasing the rates of carbon assimilation in the process of photosynthesis;

- increased resistance to pathogens;

- higher content of dry matter, in particular sugars, which has a positive effect on crop formation.

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