Pre-sowing treatment of spring cereals seeds with special fertilizers


Pre-sowing seed treatment with special fertilizers is one of the most effective ways of their usage. This is a responsible agricultural technique that affects the growth and development of plants. For spring cereals, this is very important, because during the first stages it is important to maintain rapid growth to maximize the use of available moisture resources.

The most effective composition for pre-sowing seed treatment is GROS Rootgrowth (1.0-1.5 l/t of seeds). Successfully selected composition and forms of active ingredients enhance the growth energy of seedlings and young plants (amino acids and phosphorus in the form of phosphite), and the ratio of auxins and cytokinins intensifies the division of cells of meristem tissues.

Treatment of seeds before sowing with special fertilizer GROS Rootgrowth provides:

 - rapid growth of the root system, and, as a consequence, faster and more powerful formation of aboveground mass;

 - increased resistance to pathogens;

 - higher dry matter content, in particular sugars.

Other variants of application of ECOORGANIC special fertilizers are also possible. In particular, in case of critical supply of plants with moisture, combination of ECOLINE Cereal (Chelates) 1.0 l/t + ECOLINE Phosphite (K) 0.5 l/t of seeds is very efficient. After this kind of seed treatment development of the root and aboveground parts of the plants accelerated, the plants were better developed in comparison with the control which resulted in essential yield increase.

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