Pre-sowing treatment of winter cereals seeds with special fertilizers

Seed treatment with crop protection products and special fertilizers is an extremely responsible measure that affects the growth and development of winter cereals in the fall, when there is a shortage of growth resources (moisture, warm). The application of trace elements and other biologically active substances to the seed surface provides the most effective way of their application - in the period from germination to the transition to feeding with the most important macro - and micro elements from their own root system. Content of phosphorus in the form of phosphite in such products significantly increases the resistance of plants to fungal diseases. The use of biologically active compounds potentially provides results that cannot be achieved by other means. Among them, the most efficient are amino acids and phytohormones.

Amino acids are derivatives of carboxylic acids, in which a hydrocarbon radical has one or more hydrogen atoms substituted for an amino group.

Plants in the process of ontogeny independently synthesize all the necessary amino acids by genetic code, because they are the "building material" for more complex substances. Inhibition of amino acid synthesis due to the manifestation of some factors is a negative reaction that holds back or stops growth and development for some time. The flow of free amino acids into the plant from the outside in such cases improves the condition of the plants.

Phytohormones are organic compounds of various chemical nature, produced by specialized tissues of higher plants and at low concentrations exert a regulatory influence on the processes of ontogenesis, regulate plant growth and development. They are an important component of the systems of regulation of the ontogeny of higher plants, mainly concentrated in actively growing tissues in the zones of apexes of roots and stems. The established efficacy of foliar application of phytohormones has enabled their use in crop growing.

In 2017, ECOORGANIC has registered and marketed a new line of fertilizers for seed treatment and foliar application under the brand name GROS . Among them, for the autumn period, the most effective product is GROS Rootgrowth . Successfully selected composition and forms of active ingredients enhance the growth energy of seedlings and young plants (amino acids and phosphorous in the form of phosphite), and the ratio of auxins and cytokinins intensifies the division of cells of meristem tissues. Treatment of seeds before sowing with the fertilizer GROS Rootgrowth provides:

1) faster growth of the root system and, as a consequence, faster and more powerful formation of aboveground mass;

2) increased resistance to pathogens;

3) higher content of dry matter, in particular sugars, which is necessary for successful wintering of the plants.

GROS Rootgrowth is a liquid fertilizer - a plant growth stimulant. Phosphorus in the form of phosphite and phytohormones provide active growth of the root system. It is recommended for pre-sowing seed treatment, treatment of roots of seedlings of vegetable and ornamental crops, trees and bushes before planting, as well as foliar treatment of vegetating plants for better rooting.




N–NH 2



P2 O5



K2 O


Free amino acids



Phytohormones, ppm:






Density 1,09

рН (1%) 6,5


Application rate:

Pre-sowing seed treatment

1,0 – 1,5l/t


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