Results of use of fertilizers on sunflower in 2017..


Indigenous nutrition is an important auxiliary tool in the technology of sunflower growing.
Mykola Kostyuk, manager of agronomic support of the western region.
Sunflower is a culture that is very demanding in soil fertility and responds very well to the introduction of a balanced portion of macro-nutrients. The unilateral introduction of nitrogen only does not contribute to the good growth and development of plants. Such crops are blooming late, can sink, and reaches will be stretched in time and with high humidity of seeds.
The introduction of trace elements in modern sunflower growing technologies has long been a compelling argument,
which leads to an increase in yields with improved quality features.
For full-fledged growth and development of plants, it is necessary to make sunflower seeds B, Mn, Zn and Cu. The key role belongs to the boron, which should be no less than 300-400 g / ha for the qualitative formation of inflorescence, pollination of flowers and obtaining the maximum yield.
Unlike macronutrients that are introduced into the soil, trace elements are used externally or on leaves during important growth periods of culture.
On our Demo-field, which is in Prat Mshanetske, Terebovlyan district, Ternopil region. in conditions of 2017, we used the scheme of fecal feeding microfertilizers from TM Ekoorganik in the first important phase of sunflower growth (3-4 pairs of leaves), when generative organs are laid and the root system is actively developing; in 6-8 pairs of leaves when there is active growth of vegetative mass and a basket is formed and in the star phase when formed.
As a result, the yield obtained, depending on the hybrid of certain maturity groups, is 3.65-4.39 t / ha on baseline humidity (Diagram 1).

Field technology:
Sowing 26.04; gathering - 10.10; forward - oz.pshen .; plowing, 27-30 cm; N130R78K78; density before harvesting - 58-72 thousand / ha; weeds are absent; the soil is dark gray forest; pH 6.0; precipitation for vegetation-208 mm.
Responsible agronomist consultant Olkhovetsky Sergey, 099-37-09-977.
At the other part of the field at the site of the hybrid R64NE118 (Rm 45, high-oleic, ExpressSun), we had an experiment with control and endocrine nutrition of microfertilizers TM Ecoorganic (Diagram 2).

The experiment with fecal nutrition showed a good reaction of P64NE118 to the introduction of trace elements. The yield increase to control was 9.2% or 0.28 t / ha.

To get 3 tons of sunflower seeds you need:


N 45-90 kg
P 45-90 kg
K 45-90 kg
Ca 80 kg
Mg 80 kg
S 18 kg


In 400
g Mn 250 g
Zn 250 g
Cu 150 g

For technical issues concerning the use of microfertilizers TM Ecoorganic, we recommend that you contact Pedan Gregory, 067-469-75-19.

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