​​​​​​​Seed Treatment Recommendations 2021


"Pre-sowing treatment of seeds with special fertilizers is one of the most effective ways of their usage" - it is difficult to argue with this statement, because uniform, fast and healthy germination is one of the key steps to get high yield. That is why today we want to talk about a unique liquid fertilizer, root system growth stimulant - GROS Rootgrowth.

Due to the complex action of the effective components, this fertilizer provides a number of advantages over untreated seeds:

- faster growth of the root system, and, as a consequence, faster and more powerful formation of aboveground mass;

- increased resistance to pathogens;

- higher dry matter content, in particular sugars;

- as a result - increase of yield.

The recommended rate for seed treatment is 1.0-1.5 l / t. The best result is achieved with a combination of fertilizers GROS Rootgrowth and ECOLINE Phosphite (K).

ECOORGANIC has been conducting field trials with the use of GROS Rootgrowth and ECOLINE Phosphite (K) for seed treatment for several years. You can find the results of these trials at https://ecoorganic.ua/downloads

In the course of such trials, intermediate sampling of plants before winter showed that the plants from the seeds treated with ECOORGANIC fertilizers differed significantly in biometrics and the level of development of the root system and aboveground part (variant 2 in the photos). The positive effect of pre-sowing seed treatment was maintained throughout the growing season.

In the production trials of 2020 in different soil and climatic conditions, the use of only pre-sowing treatment of winter wheat seeds provided the following results:

- in the central region (Kirovohrad region) - an increase in yield of 3.4 dt / ha, which, minus the cost of fertilizers, amounted to 1840 UAH / ha of net profit;

- in the north of the Volyn the additional yield was 4.0 dt / ha (2220 UAH / ha);

- in the south of Rivne region (on carbonate soils) - plus 5.3 dt / ha (2979 UAH / ha).

Photos: intermediate checks of the trial at LLC "Piatydni" (Volyn region):

K - check;

1 - seed treatment with fertilizers from other companies;

2 - GROS Rootgrowth 1.0 l / t + ECOLINE Phosphite (K) 0.5 l / t).

Dates of the checks - 20.03.2020, 18.05.2020.





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