Sunflower foliar nutrition in the period from 6-8 pairs of leaves till green star phase


Balanced mineral nutrition combined with integrated plant protection can provide a more complete use of genetic hybrids potential, and thus, help to achieve higher yields of good quality. The period from 6 to 8 pairs of leaves formation is extremely important in the development of sunflower. During this period of time flower - the main part of the plant which is responsible for the yield, is being formed, hence stresses and lack of key elements of mineral nutrition can negatively affect the future yield.

Weather conditions of this year spring and the first days of June are extremely unfavorable in many regions of Ukraine: part of the area in the south is suffering from drought, at the same many fields all over the country were flooded and damaged by hail. Under such conditions, it is not always possible to timely implement the planned technological measures, so we picked up recommendations that can be flexibly applied from the phase of 6-8 pairs of sunflower leaves till green star phase.

ECOORGANIC company produces a wide range of foliar fertilizers, the efficacy of which has been proved by a lot of farmers. Among the company’s products, the fertilizers containing L-α-amino acids are particularly popular due to their ability to help plants to overcome stresses and to form higher yield.

Boron is very important for sunflower. Lack of boron during vegetative mass growth and formation of leading beams and flowers will negatively affect the yield. As boron is slow-moving in a plant, the necessary dose rate should be split into 2 or 3 applications.

For the phase 6 - 8 pairs of leaves the best product is ECOLINE Boron (Premium). This product, except for 140 g/l of organic boron, contains 10 g/l of L-α-amino acids, which help the sunflower plants to quickly overcome the stress. Dose rate per 1 application is 0,5 - 1,0 l/ha.

Phosphorus and potassium also play an important role in mineral nutrition of sunflower as they provide for healthy plants formation. On soils with low content and low availability of zinc, Zn-containing fertilizers are quite effective for root system development. For this purpose, GROS Amino-Zn which contains 80 g/l of zinc and 60 g/l of L-α-amino acids is recommended (1 l/ha). The fertilizer can be applied separately or in combination with ECOLINE Phosphite (K) 1.0 l / ha.

According to functional diagnostics results, plants need additional nutrition with macro and micro elements, which are not available under the conditions of insufficient or excessive moisture supply. Significant influence on the active development of young sunflower plants is caused by stress factors. Lack of moisture, as well as temporary flooding, on the one hand, and the phytotoxic effects of soil and post-emergence herbicides, on the other hand, can cause significant losses both in yield and in seed quality. Even on herbicide resistant sunflower hybrids manifestations of stress can be observed during some days after the herbicides application. Each stress reduces potential yield by 5-15%! The optimal solution to help the plants overcome the stress is application of special foliar anti-stress fertilizers containing free L-α-amino acids. We recommend to use ECOLINE Phosphite (K-Amino) 1.5 - 2.0 l/ha, which contains 70 g/l L-α-amino acids, which are quickly uptaken by the plants and reduce stress factors.

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