The First Foliar Nutrition of Winter Onions and Garlic


Yield quantity and quality of winter onions and garlic directly depends on the formation of the leaf apparatus in the spring. The spring vegetation period of these crops in 2021 has a number of characteristics that should be considered when preparing for the first foliar fertilization: slow increase of temperature is a restraining factor for the development of the root system and leaves, while the moisture level is sufficient to start, but at the same time creates favorable conditions for the development of the most harmful diseases. Therefore, we recommend to make the first foliar nutrition of plants in the phase of 3 - 4 leaves with the tank mix of GROS Phosphite-NP 2.0 l / ha + ECOLINE Universal Growth (Amino) 2.0 l / ha.
These fertilizers contain all the necessary active ingredients for a powerful start:

- amino acids - to mitigate the effects of temperature stress;

- phosphorus in the form of phosphite activates the growth of the root system and provides fungiostatic effect;

- trace elements chelated by EDTA activate physiological processes in plants.


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