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Application of microfertilizers is an integral part of modern technologies of growing crops. Progressive agriculture is no longer possible without the use of fertilizers for endocrine nutrition of plants. The leading scientists of the world came to this conclusion, and specialists of the scientific and production company ECOORGANIC found the confirmation of this thesis on their production crops when applying the fertilizers of the lines "ECOLINE" and "GROS".

The company's specialists in 2017 conducted a number of studies in all agro-climatic zones of Ukraine. About 23 pilot sites were used to test the effectiveness of a variety of technologies to address the issue of optimizing feeding systems and preventing stressful crops in crops, and reducing their impact on yields and end-result - profits.

Today, a large amount of information has been obtained, which served as a basis for the creation of recommendations that would allow the most efficient use of the resources available to the farmer to ensure optimal conditions for the development of crops.

The wide range of fertilizers for end-root feed from the company ECOORGANIC gives technologists-agronomists an opportunity not only to provide agricultural plants with balanced mineral nutrition, but also to influence growth processes during the growing season, one way or another allowing to avoid the harmful influence of the external environment or other negative factors, related to the holding of agrochemical measures for the preservation of the crop. So today, getting high yields depends not only on the quality of those or other drugs that were used on the field but also to a very large extent from understanding the processes occurring in the system plant-environment.

With their rich experience, the scientists of the enterprise constantly share with experts of the agrarian sphere. Throughout the year, the company demonstrated the results of applying different approaches in feed systems to seminars conducted directly on the fields to provide farmers with the opportunity to see the effects of extra-root nutrition.

In particular, in December 2017, the scientific department of OOO ECOORGANIC conducted a series of exercises with the personnel of distribution companies representing the brand ECOORGANIC in the market and a number of meetings with agricultural producers, where the technological schemes of growing crops using the fertilizers EKOLAYN were presented. and GROS, which in practice showed impressive results. It is very pleasant that such meetings take place in a warm and friendly atmosphere, where specialists have the opportunity to share experience, to increase their professional level, and the knowledge gained at such meetings can be applied in their fields, thus increasing their harvests and well-being.


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