Training of managers of Soufflet Agro Ukraine in Slavuta..


The high-quality and innovative products of ECOORGANIC Ltd., the excellent results that were recorded in the fields where our products were used, the successful work of the company team all this attracts to us more distributor companies who want to work with domestic products, which not only do not concede, but in some cases surpass foreign analogues.
One of these companies was Soufflet Agro Ukraine. In 2017 the company looked at our products, and from 2018 became the official distributor of the company ECOORGANIC;
Before the start of the season, training is provided to Soufflet Agro Ukraine managers, which was invited by the specialists of ECOORGANIC Ltd. Prior to more than 30 managers of Soufflet Agro Ukraine, leading experts from ECOORGANIC presented information on the systems of non-root vegetables of the leading crops by our company's products, their differences and advantages over competitors, and talked about the results of the
use of the products of ECOORGANIC in 2017.
The training took place in a dialogue format. Managers of "Soufflet Agro Ukraine" asked questions, took part in discussions with experts of ECOORGANIK to get as much information as possible for communication with agricultural producers

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